The house sold to a very promising and young couple. It was a good transition and we are glad they will live in a house that we built. This sale has pretty much made us mobile as a family. All our possessions are in the form of digital currency and we have a few basic essentials that we are carrying as we travel. The first thing we did was take a family road trip to California, Disney land and then a nice coastal drive along Hwy 1 up to San Francisco. California is a special place in its beauty and warm sunshine. I think we will spend some time in our future there. Right now I am sitting in my brother’s house in Kalimpong, India in the Himalayas after traveling via Canada, China and Calcutta.  Tomorrow is Losar (Tibetan New Year). My sister is here too, so it is a good moment for us with our kids (7 of them) all in one house. After a 2800 mile road trip and almost 10000 mile across the world journey, we’ll be resting for a while.

The journey began with a single decision and since then we have committed all our efforts to achieving this goal. The first step was to create that freedom to move. True Tibetan nomadic people in Tibet do this by carrying the bare essentials and living a simple life. They can pack quickly and move with great efficiency.  We did this in this digital age by selling everything we own and moving that money to digital currency (i.e. investments and bank accounts). Usually people arrange to rent or leave their property to someone’s care but we chose to sell it all. The reasoning for this is to cut that cord and also it makes good financial sense for us (I may blog about this later-and elaborate on how the numbers makes better sense). It also provides us the complete freedom to create a new future if we choose to settle down somewhere else. We have no fixed itinerary or plan, we will monitor our children and go with the flow…so we are traveling completely on our own terms.

We also needed to transform expectations to our standards of living. Our form of travel can only be done on a budget, so we made it clear to each other as a family that we will be giving up on some of the luxuries of living the modern life in America. We had 2 vehicles, a boat, a big house and enough possessions to host a big wedding at our house if we chose to do so. We are transitioning from access to super fast speed internet, Netflix movies, surround sound, clean water, 24 hr heat/AC, home appliances, clean air, Costco and the great American infrastructure that surrounded us. So we are clear that we are trading a secure and comfortable lifestyle for one that will be full of surprises-some will be tough and but we believe many will be amazing. One of the fascinating experiences of selling our possessions was the experience feeling happier with the detachment process. Now that we’ve sold it all, it is funny to think about the 6-8 months of stress involved with finding the best value for our possessions and agony of that separation. It is a reflection of the status of our minds. I am in no way pure in thoughts and principle, I do miss that Lexus, but in general there is a truth to the buddhist philosophy that happiness comes from detachment to things of the external world. As a result I feel we have grown much closer as a family.

Our family enjoyed the Nyishu Gu tradition with Guthuk dinner last night. Tomorrow we welcome the Tibetan New Year (or the Male Wood Horse year) and welcome the new experiences to come. We wish you all Losar Tashi Delek.

We are now a digital mobile family or a digital Tibetan Nomadic family

6 thoughts on “We are now a digital mobile family or a digital Tibetan Nomadic family

  • July 6, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    Tenzin great to hear about your travels…

  • March 9, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    I am interested to read about your journey as it develops. Btw, the dark text on the dark background makes it pretty hard to read.

  • March 1, 2014 at 2:52 am

    This is a great blog and journey to follow. I will look forward to photos of your colorful experience on this blog.


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